Join Us! Take AP Micro and AP Macro in 2017-2018!



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AP Microeconomics is offered in the fall semester and studies the individual decision making process.

AP Macroeconomics is offered in the spring semester and studies the entire economic system.

  • How does a business maximize profits?
  • How much does that college education really cost?
  • Why should you stop eating when you’re full, even if you leave food on your plate

The Microeconomics course will address:

  • How and why people make individual decisions
  • The differences between efficient and inefficient types of markets (monopolies, oligopolies, perfect competition)
  • Supply and demand, product specialization, production possibilities and comparative advantage

The Macroeconomics course will address:

  • What are the causes and effects of inflation, unemployment and growth?
  • Why doesn’t the U.S. just make more stuff?
  • Why should I care about how much the government wants to spend?

See Mr. Miller in Room 114 or Mr. Rodman in Room 110 for more information.

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