National Treasures Found at “Flying Horse” Tomb

Better known as the Flying Horse Tomb, the tombs in Cheonmachong are best known for the many artifacts, relics and Silla Dynasty treasures that were discovered when this tomb was excavated and then rebuilt.

According to local historians:

Cheonmachong (Heavenly Horse Tomb) was probably the tomb of a king of the Silla Dynasty. The tomb is representative of wooden chamber tombs with stone mounds of the Silla period. Its circumference was 157 meters and 12.7 meters high. It is believed to date back to the fifth or sixth century.

The tomb was build by placing a wooden coffin and a wooden chest for funerary objects on the flat floor and building a wooden chamber over them. Boulders were then placed on top of the chamber and an earthen mound was built over the pile.

Over 11,500 artifacts were retrieved when the tomb was excavated. They include a gold crown and a pair of birch bark saddle flaps which were painted with a flying horse, thus giving the tomb its present name, Cheonmachong, or Flying Horse Tomb.