Touring Daeil H.S. with Dasol Son, my host student

Upon arrival at the Daeil Foreign Language High School for our first day of class, we were greeted by our host students. Each host student was assigned an American teacher, who they escorted around the Daeil campus. They explained to us more about the school, the students, the faculty, the rigors of education at Daeil, and their highlights and challenges of attending Daeil High School.

Best of all, the host student visit included a trip home with the student to have dinner with their families and to visit with them in more detail. It was a great opportunity for students, parents and American teachers to talk in a more relaxed atmosphere about their lives in Seoul, South Korea. We were also able to talk about their weekly student schedules, how the Daeil School schedule has impacted the lives of the entire family, and what are their hopes and expectations of a Daeil education upon graduation.

My student’s name was Dasol Son. She is amazing! From the moment she introduced herself until she introduced me to her mother and brother at the end of the day, her English was spectacular. While she claimed that she struggles with English (but loves and seems to excel more with her fluency in Japanese), it was hard for me to notice any issues with her English because of her thorough and meticulous approach to making sure her sentences and thoughts were just right.

The host students did an excellent job presenting information about their school, their education programs and their college goals and aspirations upon graduation. They explained the different types of programs available throughout their tenure at Daeil High School, such as international voluntary programs and more than 30 active clubs that focus on student interests and talents from languages to poetry, literature and drama.

Following the presentation, students gave us an individual tour of the Daeil campus. Now keep in mind that the campus is on a steep hill. It consists of three large buildings cascading up the hill, interspersed with lush green gardens, playing fields and parking areas for parents, teachers and administrators. The campus is truly beautiful and exemplifies the commitment and focus that students and faculty have toward student education in foreign languages.