Teaching entrepreneurship at Daeil HS

While I was told to expect as many as 50 students in my class (which of course, I was), I was pleasantly surprised to find my class had 37 wonderful students.

Not only did they speak English with such fluency and fervor, but they were very interested in learning about entrepreneurship, factors of production, marketing and advertising techniques and how businesses work in America.

Best of all, my Daeil High School students learned about entrepreneurship, some of the thought processes that go into creating small businesses and some of the idea-creation that help companies create logos, just some of the components  as part of this entrepreneurship unit (similar to the one I use in my economics class back at Kennedy High School in Maryland). Students came up with small business names, logos for their businesses and alliances they had with other small businesses within the classroom.

Was there a class clown? Yes. An alpha girl? Huh? You’re probably wondering, what is that? I learned this is the class “brain” who seems to know everything, and yes, my class even had an “alpha girl” who, of course, was brilliant.

One of the best realizations that I found from my experiences with these students was that at the end of the day, kids are kids. They even laughed at my bad jokes! (my Kennedy students will know what I mean by that!)

I will always remember my times with the students at Daeil Foreign Language High School here in Seoul, South Korea. On my last day, I brought in gift bags for each of the students. They love gifts and the packaging is just as important in Korea as the gift itself.

So I enlisted the help of my sister while in Maryland to create gift bags with goodies for students which I would assemble once in Seoul, but I wanted them to have connections to our students and experiences in Maryland. So to represent my students, we gave each of them a small soccer ball to represent my students’ passion for soccer. We also included a pack of Starburst fruit flavors, which are manufactured at a factory not far from our school, and a Maryland magnet which highlights the many things to do while in Maryland.

Needless to say, my students at Daeil Foreign Language High School LOVED the gift bags and the gifts. They really liked the soccer balls as they love soccer here, too.

They had never experienced the Starburst fruit flavors, so it was a new type of candy for them. And they liked the Maryland magnet which they were able to take home and share with their parents.

All in all, it was a great time and a great part of my experience here in Korea. The students were wonderful and will always be a highlight of my trip.