A Capitol Hill Send-Off Reception for Teachers to South Africa

Concluding our orientation in Washington, DC, members of Congress and their staff joined us on Capitol Hill for a send-off reception to talk with us about our upcoming journey to South Africa and the importance of this type of teacher education today.

I had the privilege of hearing from staff member Sarah Schelling (at right) from Congressman Van Hollen’s office, who specializes in legislative issues dealing with education. She shared with me the many aspects of education issues the Congressman is tackling and how he is looking out for the interests of our students and our teachers in that process.

In addition to speaking with Ms. Schelling, I was also able to speak with Mr. Johnny Meloto, the interim ambassador from South African to the United States. He was so receptive to our visit and was very excited for our upcoming trip (he actually said he wished he were going with us!).

Senator Roland Burris (D-IL) also spoke to the guests at the reception about the importance of this type of trip and the vital role that education plays in our society.

“Education is for eternity,” Sen. Burris said. He mentioned many things that come and go, but the lasting impact of education on a young person, an older person, and on a generation will last for decades.