Hillary Clinton’s ‘Economy speech’ falls flat with Wall Street and reformers

‘Underwhelming’ to both Wall Street AND reformers? See some excerpts:

“Clinton laid out the soft contours of a “growth and fairness economy” in a speech designed to appeal to struggling middle-class workers with promises of higher pay and more generous federal policies. But she left out many hard specifics on tougher tax policy toward the rich and corporate America. And she offered limited pledges to crack down on big Wall Street banks while hitting her strongest notes promising to toss rogue bankers in prison while ripping recent worker productivity comments from Jeb Bush.

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“Clinton perhaps hit her high point with a direct attack on recent comments from former Florida governor Jeb Bush who said last week that Americans need to “work longer hours” to increase economic growth. To significant applause, Clinton cited hard-working nurses and other Americans and said, “They don’t need a lecture. They need a raise.”

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“Many conservatives breathed a sigh of relief after the speech, having feared a fresh set of innovative proposals that might have required serious responses.”

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Source: Hillary Clinton 2016: Economy speech falls flat with Wall Street and reformers – POLITICO