In the news: Approve the free-trade agreements

From The Washington Post: The U.S. economy needs swift approval of theĀ pending free-trade agreements with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. Yet a week after the release of a disappointing employment report, procedural disagreement over a program that has provided benefits to American workers for almost 50 years is stalling the entire trade agenda.

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Given political realities, the cost-benefit analysis should be clear: better to incur the fiscal cost of renewing theĀ Trade Adjustment Assistance program than to lose the much greater benefits of free trade with three important trading partners.

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In the news: North Korea faces famine: ‘Tell the world we are starving’

From the Telegraph: More than a decade after North Korea was struck by famine that killed up to a million people, the country’s poorest are once again facing starvation, reports Peter Foster in Yanji.

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“People are very poor again, they are going to the mountains to get grasses and weeds to make into soup,” he said. “Some people are having to eat manure when they cannot get any rice or corn.”



Mr. Rodman Travels to Seoul, Korea

Please note: After many technical difficulties with technology here, I’m hoping the worst is behind us. But posting may be intermittent, due to the rolling internet capabilities we seem to be experiencing day-to-day here in Seoul.

Mr. Rodman of John F. Kennedy High School was chosen as one of 35 American teachers to travel this summer (2011) to Seoul, Republic of Korea to teach here and to learn more about the culture, customs, history and people of the Republic of Korea (more widely known as South Korea).

Throughout the month of July, Mr. Rodman will spend time teaching students in Seoul, travel with fellow teachers to other parts of South Korea, and spend time talking with the Korean people about their lives, their ambitions, their interests and their culture.

From Mr. Rodman: It’s an ambitious agenda and I hope to blog about as much of it as I possibly can, including pictures and video when possible. I hope you find this helpful in learning more about Korea and its wonderful people.