Visiting Soweto – Part Two

This is a short video detailing some of the villages within Soweto, and particularly Kliptown, which we were able to visit on foot. The people there were nothing short of amazing, welcoming and hospitable to our visit. The children were so wonderful and were so happy to receive the gifts we brought with us to share with them.

What was remarkable about this part of our trip was the sheer poverty that we were seeing. So many of these families were sharing one single water faucet, as well as access to outhouses and plumbing/bathroom facilities. The drainage within the village was also an issue, as much of the water flowed through the streets for lack of another place for it to go.

Our guide shared with us how no one has access to any running water on Sundays because government workers shock the water each week with chemicals to kill any harmful bacteria that could spread disease.

Given the poor sanitary conditions of so many of the villages like this one, we can understand the concern for shocking the water. But could you go without water for an entire day? Something to think about …