Johannesburg Stock Exchange

We were able to visit with officials from the Johannesburg Stock Exchange about how their exchange works, how it functions within the markets for companies within South Africa, and the impact that technology has had on their exchange.

Rhino and Lion Game Park

All work and no play meant it was time to get out and see some of the wildlife in South Africa. So this team of teachers went to a wildlife preserve and game park to get a closer look at some of the animals in South Africa. While many of the ones we saw no longer live in the wild, so to speak, they still have a lot of room to roam, hunt and live on these game parks. The animals were spectacular and really gave us a close-up view of some of the homes and habitats they live in, around the outskirts of Johannesburg today.

University of Johannesburg

The trip to Johannesburg would not be complete without a visit to their premier university, the University of Johannesburg. We were privileged to be hosted by Professor Lorraine Greyling, a doctor of economics at the University of Johannesburg and a fellow herself of the Council for Economic Education’s study tour program. She attended the Council’s program for training of the trainers.” With her knowledge from the program, she has been able to establish an incredible training program with current university students who are upperclassmen and are trained each week to teach underclassmen in economics classes. It was an excellent opportunity to see the “train the trainers” in action.

Rakgotso High School

Sithejiwe Secondary School

Visiting Soweto – Part Two

This is a short video detailing some of the villages within Soweto, and particularly Kliptown, which we were able to visit on foot. The people there were nothing short of amazing, welcoming and hospitable to our visit. The children were so wonderful and were so happy to receive the gifts we brought with us to share with them.

What was remarkable about this part of our trip was the sheer poverty that we were seeing. So many of these families were sharing one single water faucet, as well as access to outhouses and plumbing/bathroom facilities. The drainage within the village was also an issue, as much of the water flowed through the streets for lack of another place for it to go.

Our guide shared with us how no one has access to any running water on Sundays because government workers shock the water each week with chemicals to kill any harmful bacteria that could spread disease.

Given the poor sanitary conditions of so many of the villages like this one, we can understand the concern for shocking the water. But could you go without water for an entire day? Something to think about …

Visiting Soweto

One of the most sobering places to visit in South Africa is the village of Kliptown in Soweto, South Africa. Nelson Mandela grew up in Soweto and while conditions have improved there for many, we see that there is a long way to go for the residents of Kliptown.

Even gaining access to running water is a challenge, it being shared with many other local residents, and access is unavailable on Sundays because of the local maintenance being done on the water to ensure it is clean enough for people to drink and bathe.

Watch the video below for more views inside Soweto and the village of Kliptown.